⚡️ 30-Day becomeSUPER Challenge is LIVE! ⚡️

Hello friend!

I’m SUPER excited to share with you that the 30-Day becomeSUPER Challenge is going LIVE! 👏

The challenge will run from Sunday, May 21st - Monday, June 19th

My intent in creating this challenge is to help you take lead in designing your life on your own terms.

Being a LEADER isn’t only reserved for leading others, in fact leading others starts with leading ourselves to live the life we want.

And I want you to be a SUPER LEADER! ⚡️

Read along to explore further and I hope to see you in the challenge arena if you believe it’s the right fit for you!

So what exactly is it?

Let’s dive straight in!

The Short Story

This program will change your life… in only 3 minutes a day!

Insane claim, I know!

But the reality is it changed my life, and over the past 18 months I’ve been learning, synthesizing, and creating the SIMPLEST yet most EFFECTIVE framework for others to experience it as well.

AND I can promise you if you show up and do the work you will finish the challenge feeling your best SELF, doing your best work through PURPOSE, and be deeply connected to your RELATIONSHIPS.

The framework is based on three main pillars:

  • 1️⃣ Strengthen AWARENESS to get clarity on your deeper why and values that drive your beliefs, mindset, and ambition.
  • 2️⃣ Make CHOICES that are in alignment with your ideal life and supported by the science of motivation, hope, habit discipline, self-compassion, and much more
  • 3️⃣ Create SYSTEMS to drive personal accountability and make those choices consistently to create lasting change

Over a 30-day period we will unpack each of these at different depths, identify what's in the way, and build new success habits so you can show up at your best every day.

The Long Story

In the summer of 2021 I enrolled in a 300-day coach certification program that later became the reason I started my journey of pursuing my Master’s in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, as well as my Mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher Certification at Brown University.

Along the way I’ve distilled knowledge from hundreds of books and from the world’s most established thinkers (past and present).

This program is rooted in Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to help you close the gap between who you can be and who you’re being. Micro actions done daily can create massive impact, and over a 30-day period I will guide you throughout.

Of course, the 3 minutes themselves are too small to move the needle on anything, but it is the doorway that will open up to your world of transformation.

If you do nothing else but establish the 3-minute routine, it is potent enough to make you show up at the best version of yourself, every day.

Here’s how it will run:

  • 🖥️ 10 live (60 min) online sessions to cover everything you need to know to create a system for running your life
  • 💪 Every session I will introduce a challenge to help you design ONE success habit in your daily life
  • 🧑‍💻 Take home exercises and actions to move you from theory to practice
  • ⭕️ Private community of like-minded people who will be running the challenge side-by-side with you
  • 🤝 Two private 1:1 coaching sessions with me throughout the program to help you move forward on your goal
  • ⭐️ [BONUS] Extended access to the private community for 6 MONTHS after the 30-days program with Monthly Coaching Call to help you crush through the rest of 2023
  • 💻 [BONUS] FREE access to all future perks of the community in 2023 (Guided Meditations, Book Summaries, Master Classes)
  • 🧘 [ONE TIME BONUS] I’m offering the first 20 members a complimentary spot at the upcoming 8-week MBSR* (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Program to help you start and deepen your mindfulness journey.

These FREE bonuses alone are valued at AED 7,000 / $ 2,000 (!) but my aim is to ASTONISH you with the value I’m offering and support you on your journey throughout.

Join me in this 30-day challenge and become a founding member to unlock this launch-only rate.

*MBSR is an empirically-validated program that has been clinically proven to reduce stress and improve lives. More on that in a separate communication (or you can Google it if too curious).


The sessions have been carefully designed to help create the biggest impact in the fastest time possible.

Initially this program was designed as a 12-month program, but I realized that the most supportive way I can serve is by offering YOU the transformation you need in the shortest time possible.

Packaging it into 30-days meant synthesizing it further into the most essential and critical.

Below is the flow of each session:

May 21st - June 19th


Live Session #1: Kick-off Session and Establishing The 3-Minute Life Design Framework (Sunday, May 21st)

Live Session #2: AWARENESS 1.0 - Defining Purpose and How To Operationalize It Daily (Wednesday, May 24th)

Live Session #3: CHOICES 1.0 - Designing A Life Of Excellence Through The 6C’s (Saturday, May 27th)

Live Session #4: SYSTEMS 1.0 - How To Use Habit & Willpower Science To Drive Consistency (Tuesday, May 30th)

Live Session #5: CORE HABITS - The 6 Daily Super Habits & How To Make Them Stick (Friday, June 2nd)

Live Session #6: Halfway Checkpoint and Q&A Session (Monday, June 5th)

Live Session #7: AWARENESS 2.0 - Adopting The Mindset Of Anti-fragile Growth (Saturday, June 10th)

Live Session #8: SYSTEMS 2.0 - The Secret To Effective Goal Setting & Execution (Tuesday, June 13th)

Live Session #9: CHOICES 2.0 - Starting Your Journey From Self-Actualization To Self-Transcendence(Friday, June 16th)

Live Session #10: Celebrations & Reflection Call (Monday, June 19th)

All live sessions will start at 7:00PM DXB time (for 60 minutes) and will be recorded for those who can’t attend live.

There is an optional 30 minute group breakout after the session with other members for you to network and check-in.

Last day to enroll will be Saturday, May 20th


I want to make your investment 100% risk free - if you fully participate in the challenge and find that it is not for you in the first 15 days, 100% of your investment will be refunded.

However, part of the challenge is holding you financially accountable - there is no refund if you don't engage with the material or take action during the course.

That's all for today!


If this sounds like FUN to you, click link above to sign up today and commit to the challenge.

THANK YOU and speak soon.

With much joy,


Hi! I'm Hashim.

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